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Have a love for landscape photography in the Adirondacks?

Look no further. This is your personalized, photographic wilderness experience.


With over 10 years of landscape photography experience, this class will take your wilderness-scapes to the next level.

 For those eager to escape the commonplace and immerse themselves in the untapped beauty of the Adirondacks, my Wilderness Workshops are your key to unlocking a world rarely seen. I host these workshops seasonally, each one crafted to lead you not just into the wilderness but to unique destinations that evade the average tourist's lens. My workshops are designed to take you to places you've likely never seen or heard of before. From serene stillwaters and mesmerizing astrophotography, to capturing the perfect sunsets and sunrises, join me for an adventure that transcends the ordinary.

  Led by me, each workshop is an exclusive, high-quality adventure aimed at elevating your photography skills in spectacular settings. From mastering wilderness photography to seizing the extraordinary in the ordinary, these workshops promise unforgettable experiences.

What's Included

Quality Time: Enjoy one-on-one interaction in a cozy group setting limited to eight participants, ensuring personalized guidance.

Lightroom Presets: Receive more than 20 of my personal Lightroom presets to enhance your images effortlessly, letting you focus on capturing moments without the post-processing headache.

Exclusive Locations: Access to unique, less-traveled destinations that offer stunning photographic opportunities.

Skill Enhancement: Improve your photography skills with hands-on learning in the wild.

Interested in joining one of these exclusive workshops? Sign up for our email list below. Information about upcoming workshops, including dates and pricing, will be communicated through email to those registered. Prices vary depending on the workshop's nature and goals, ranging from $100 to $300 per person.

Check my calendar for upcoming events and sign up to be notified about our workshops. 

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