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PRINT TYPES    Free shipping on orders over $99

This page is to help you know which print type to buy! 

To buy a print, click on the ORDER page.

Note: All bought prints will not have a watermark on it. 



  1. Glossy Photo Paper:

    • Reflective with vibrant colors and sharpness.

    • High contrast with an excellent dynamic range.

    • Frame-ready, devoid of a textured digital appearance.

  2. Matte Photo Paper:

    • Smooth with minimal glare.

    • Enhances print texture with subdued contrast.

    • Smudge-resistant and particularly apt for black-and-white shots.

  3. Lustre Photo Paper: (Most Popular) 

    • Preferred by pros, especially for weddings and portraits.

    • Blends slight gloss with a pearl-like finish.

    • Rich color saturation, reduced glare, and perfect for framing.



Fine art metal printing; a contemporary art medium where photos are infused into specially coated aluminum sheets.

  • Produces prints with a magical luminescence, breathtaking vibrancy, and unparalleled detail.

  • Preferred choice for my gallery display due to their unmatched brilliance and quality.



Unparalleled Photographic Excellence

(Specific Photos Only - See EPIC PHOTOS section)


Epic Prints are the epitome of perfection in print form, offering the finest artwork ready to grace your walls. Crafted meticulously using Fujiflex silver halide photographic paper with a staggering 610dpi resolution, these prints redefine clarity and precision in photography. Each print is set on Aluminum Composite (ACM), a fusion of two .012" metal sheets encasing a solid black plastic core, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.

Why Choose Epic Prints?

Ready to Adorn Your Space: These masterpieces are not only a testament to photographic excellence but are also delivered ready to hang, offering an instant elevation to your space.

Note: Production for these exquisite pieces takes approximately two weeks, underscoring the meticulous care and precision invested in each artwork.


Special Requests:

  • For custom sizes, types of print, or personalized framing options, please contact me directly.

Guarantee:  I am sure that you'll be in awe by the photographic detail and quality and that it will meet your highest expectations. However, I understand there's always an element of the unknown when ordering through the internet. So, if you are not satisfied by the quality or appearance of your photo after receiving it, I will gladly refund you the listed price (not including shipping charges). For the refund, please contact me and
return your piece… Please be careful when unpacking your photo so that you don’t bend the photo or scratch a mounted print on the boxing staples. Carry and transport your piece with care and proper support; I cannot refund you for damages you incur to your piece.

Thank you so much -  Jonathan Zaharek

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